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Dr. Victor Koong

Founder and Managing Director
of Arts Plus/A+ Eduplay

Doctor of Education
Doctor of Jurisprudence

“Play is New Superpower”

A+ Eduplay believes that "play" is important for everyone, especially children. That's why A+ Eduplay has set up three modes of play and created an environment where parents and children can truly experience “pure play”.

Free Play

An inspiring environment where children are encouraged to explore and use their space to be creative and imaginative.

Assistive Play

The instructor uses different teaching methods to guide children through play as they wish, focusing on the process rather than the outcome.

Constructive Play

Children follow simple steps to learn skills and enjoy the results. Through these different types of play, we encourage families to explore, connect, grow and learn together.


Our playgroups are divided into four different age groups
Infant, Toddler, Tot and Pre-K Classes.


Exploratory Play, Sensory Play, Music, Art, Language, Movement,
Language, Movement, Fine Motor, Cognition, Thinking.

Based on cutting-edge brain science research, Victoria A+ Eduplay promotes the educational philosophy "Play is the New Superpower" and adopts a "3D" educational model - the "Dedicated Curriculum" "Dedicated Facilities" "Dedicated Teachers". A+ Eduplay is committed to providing an inspiring bilingual play environment and developing children's multiple intelligences through thematic parent child interactive play. We aim to promote children's emotional, social, artistic and intellectual well-being through fun and educational play activities, giving children many opportunities to grow through play, exploration, learning, observation and experimentation.

A+ Eduplay is bilingual nursery with a Chinese and English curriculum. When learning through play, A+ Eduplay focuses on personal, social and emotional development, physical development, communication and language development, sensory experiences, exploration, literacy, mathematics, expressive arts and understanding of the world. This will provide a strong foundation for children's learning, behaviour and health now and in the future.

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